About us

Our story

Who are we?

Abantu Baking Solutions is a 100% black owned (51% female) business established in 2012. Our team has technical expertise spanning over 25 years experience in training of bakers, sales of Industrial flour & Bread/ Flour Improvers, supply of specialized ingredients and application of enzyme technology based solutions, including technical support to flour millers, bakeries & bread improver companies in South Africa & sub-Saharan Africa . The company is currently operating in Alberton, Gauteng Province, South Africa . 


What we do?

We specialize in manufacturing bread premixes, bread improvers , baking powder,and confectionery premixes. We also supply baking ingredients to independent bakeries in South Africa. We have had a footprint in Botswana since 2015 through a distributor who supplies our products in that country. 
We provide technical support & training mainly to customers who purchase our products. We offer consultancy services for persons interested in starting up Bakeries primarily for Bread production.


Our objectives

  • To supply quality bakery ingredients namely, Premixes, Improvers, Enzymes and other technologies to Bakeries and Mills initially in Gauteng Province, Nationally and in the future to the Southern and East Africa Region.
  • To provide technical support to assist our clients develop products for the optimal use of specialty ingredients based on our understanding of the baking processes and technologies.
  • To offer training opportunities and conduct continuous research and development in the science of baking technology.
  • To stimulate job creation.
  • To develop and maintain a high level of operating standards by ensuring the highest quality standards of professionalism and integrity.