Our Products

We produce a wide range of products (not all on Website). We also develop; formulate products specific to clients needs where volumes allow. Bread Improvers are custom made and you can call in to discuss your needs. Discounts can be negotiated on all products for large quantity purchases.


A complete mix for making a standard tin bread loaf. No added flour needed. Just add water and Yeast
Pack size 25kg
(Qty Discounts for 10+)

4.5% Bread Premix

An econo premix which produces bread with a shelf life of up to 4 days when stored in room temperature.
Pack – size 25kg

5% Bread Premix

5% Mo Bread Premix is an econo bread mix, produces bread with up to 4 day shelf life. Pack size       25kg

5% GP is a premium premix, which makes a loaf with added softness that has a shelf life of min 6 days. Stored in room temperature. Pack size  25kg

5% TCHV produces a high volume premium bread with shelf life of min 6 days when stored at room temperature . Pack size 25kg

Pizza base Premix

Suitable for oven baked pizza bases. We offer deep pan and thin bases

3%  Regular Pizza Base Pack size 25kg

5.5% Deep Pan Pizza Base Pack size:  25kg

10% Soft Roll Premix

10% Soft roll premix is used for soft rolls such as Hamburger rolls and Hot Dog rolls. Pack size: 25kg

6% Crispy Roll Premix

6% Crispy Roll can be used to make Crispy rolls, Portuguese rolls, Garlic Bread and French Loaves. Pack Size 25kg

Sweet Dough Mix

Sweet Dough Mix is a versatile easy to use full mix , with no added flour needed.  Highly recommended for the starter and micro Baker.
Produces magwinya, vetkoeks, sweet bread, chelsea buns & related products. Pack size  25kg

15% Sweet and Soft Premix

The 15% is versatile premix suitable for making a variety of sweet dough products like rolls, school buns, doughnuts,sweet bread, chelsea buns, to name a few.
Pack Size  25kg

20% Sweet and Soft Premix

The 20% has very much the same properties as the 15% but used for more sweeter baked products. Pack size    25kg

Muffin Mix

Pack sizes       5kg  &  25kg

Chocolate Muffin Mix

Pack sizes:        5kg  &  25kg 


Scone Mix

Pack size         5kg  &  25kg

Plain Sponge Cake Mix

Pack size  5kg  &  25kg

Chocolate Sponge Cake Mix

Pack size    5kg   &  25kg

Baking Powder

Pack size       5kg  &  25kg