Other Products

Vermicelli Rainbow

Pack sizes: 1kg  &  5kgs

Vermicelli Chocolate

Pack sizes: 1kg & 5kg

Choc Chips

Pack size  1kg

Bakers Mix

Pack size: 12.5kg


We offer:
White Bread flour
Cake Flour
Brown Bread  Flour
Pack size  25kg

Dry Yeast

Pack Size:  10kg (20 x 500g)

Bread Plastics

Bread Plastics Plastics 25 x 45 x 15 Plastics 25 x 45 x 7 Enquire within for other sizes

Food Colours

Various food colours available in powder form enquire within. Pack size  1kg


Brown Sugar
White Sugar
Pack size: 25kg

Castor Sugar

Pack Size    25kg

Icing Sugar

Pack Sizes: 5kg & 25kg

Plastic Icing

Pack Size 15kg

Jam Bucket

Apricot &
Mixed Fruit Jam
Pack Size: 25kg


White & Yellow
Pack size:    25kg
Pastry Margarine Pack size:    25kg

Pan Release

Drum Size   25lt 


Pack size:    1kg & 5kg


We stock a variety of Spices e.g.
Mixed Spice
Chicken Granules and more.
Pack size: 1kg